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Evidence-based physical therapy in-homes for seniors of  Mesa, AZ and surrounding communities.
(Above) Here physical therapist Lance is getting Dorsey on his feet for about the second time
Learn how a down and out stroke patient went from hopelessness to smacking tennis balls
across the street in just two months!  Read "Dorsey's Story" below as written by his wife Terri.

"My husband Dorsey McDaniel had a cerebral hemorrhage on the 2nd on June. While the Doctors did not expect him to live, he nevertheless did. On June 20th he was readmitted, had a pacemaker implant. Came home from the hospital the 2nd of July, was home a few days, had a stroke, and was admitted to a hospice in-house facility. He was discharged from there 6 days later.

This was the point that Lance entered our lives, he came to the nursing facility where I had admitted Mr. McDaniel. The Doctors told me he was too weak to have [qualify for] physical therapy so we were turned down. I found Lance, and he immediately came and started Mr. McDaniel's therapy.  My husband was so weak he could not turn over in bed, sit up, nor stand. Within a few days Lance had him sitting on the edge of the bed, in a chair, and walking.

Lance's knowledge of the type of therapy that my husband needed extended to numerous areas. Teaching my husband how to get up from a chair, and lowering himself without just falling into the chair. How to get up from the floor if he fell, working with weights. He taught him many different exercises to strengthen himself. Every area that was needed for Mr. McDaniel's recovery Lance provided.

We believe his greatest quality is his gentle, kind, and understanding personality. I would and have recommended Lance for whatever physical therapy need anyone would have for recovery to whatever point that physically handicapped person can recover.
He rates a 100% from us for his outstanding qualities.

Terri McDaniel

At Restoracare we provide skilled in-home one-on-one physical therapy, conditioning, and follow-up care that significantly improves health and happiness of body and mind.

Ready to invest in your or your loved one's health?  Call Lance 602-619-8582 (phone rings at my hip)

(left) Here PT Lance works to improve Dorsey's walking.

(right) Here is Dorsey on his "Graduation day"" (10/2001)

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Q: What about those tennis balls?
A:  We really did go out in his driveway at the under-construction Sunland Springs near Crismon and Baseline and smack some balls across the street.   Only broke two windows!.....No really.  No one was even building across the street at the time.   Earlier in his rehab we took a golf cart ride to the putting green.  With the ever cautious Lance initially stabilizing his hips we did some putting.  It was absolutely fun to watch Dorsey's progress.   

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Published on Fall Prevention programs! Rehab Professionals see the June 2005 issue of Rehab Management, for what Mark Zajac, PT calls "a great article" on fall prevention

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What clients say about us:

"I'm so thankful our paths crossed as you have helped Bill so much.  You helped give me hope when it was needed.  You have gone beyond your call of duty and God will bless you.  Thank-you!
                                                                                                                        Edith (wife of Bill)

"I think you did a good job"  Bertha M.  Mesa, AZ   6-20-2007

"I have had the privilege of having Lance P. Van Arsdell as my physical therapist for the last several weeks. When and if I walk, it will be because of the services of Lance Van Arsdell." (5-30-2006) Dolly. B. Mesa, AZ

"To tell you the truth I've had every physical therapist in the state of Arizona and he [Lance] is the best." Sandra Kindt, Mesa, AZ client (mother of four children)

"Lance, Thanks for your services. I enjoyed your ...teaching me to walk again. Your approach to training to pace myself was excellent. You helped me feel very comfortable and steady on my feet after almost a month indoors. Thanks again. I would recommend you any chance I get." Jo C. Smith (12-3-01)

"I would like to thank you for helping me walk again. You have been such a great help not only to me but also to the other people in the home. You have been generous with suggestions and advice. Your visits have been a delight to all of us." Myrtle Zimmer, (Mesa, AZ)

"I wish I could put into words how grateful I am that you were sent to be Nancy's therapist. First of all her family and I know that with your knowledge you kept her from becoming critically ill. As a physical therapist you are outstanding but most of all you are such a kind, caring, warm person. It was a real pleasure meeting you under the circumstances. Thank-you again." Shirley, (Friend of client Nancy Hardin, Mesa, AZ)